Wetin be the Recovery Time for Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) Procedure?

After MVA procedure, small recovery time go dey inside the clinic. For women wey do the procedure with only local anesthetic, the recovery time dey dey short pass 30 minutes. For women wey collect sedative for the procedure, the recovery time fit long (30–60 minutes), as the sedation effect go dey commot small small. Once the recovery for the clinic don complete, dem go say make the woman dey go house. Some clinic fit say make person escort the woman go house, but e go depend on top the clinic.
Dem fit use mouth tell the women or dem go write the instruction down so that the women go sabi how to take care of dia self after dem commot for the clinic. Inside the instruction, dem fit write how much bleeding person go see, how to know if gbege won happen, how and where to find medical assistance if you need am, and sometimes, counselling about contraceptives if dey inside am too. If you no get dis information, sharparly ask for am. [1]

[1] “Clinical updates in reproductive health.” Ipas, 2020, www.ipas.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/ClinicalUpdatesInReproductiveHealthCURHE20-English-digital.pdf. Accesed November 2020.


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