Which is dey Right for Me – Vacuum Aspiration Abortion or Abortion Medicine?

Your decision go depend on top plenty things like wetin you like. Some other things wey you need to keep for mind when you wan decide be where you dey live, how long your belle don dey, and how much.

On top that level sef, you gas reason how you dey feel about am.

  • When person dey do medical abortion with medicine (MA), you gas consider how you go feel when you go dey take the treatment for house and/or how you go feel when you dey find online counselling support.
  • When person dey do vacuum aspiration abortion, reason how you go feel when you wan book medical appointment and to take anesthesia, and whether you go get person to support you when you need am.

All di things wey we don yarn her go help you decide well well.


*Nothing provided herein should be construed as professional medical advice and no medication / pills should be used without a prescription from a licensed / registered medical practitioner eligible to prescribe such medication in your local jurisdiction.