Wetin be the risks and complications wey fit happen for vacuum aspiration abortion?

When health professional wey sabi do vacuum aspiration abortion, e dey very safe. But, some risks still dey inside the procedure, dem be:

  • heavy bleeding;
  • infection;
  • injury for the uterus and organs wey dey around am; and
  • abortion wey no complete.

After a vacuum aspiration abortion, e get some kain sign wey women suppose pay attention to. Go see doctor if you experience:

  • heavy bleeding (you dey soak two pads every hour for two hours straight or even pass sef.);
  • fever (make body dey hot pass 38°C or 100.4F) for more than 24 hours after the procedure;
  • pelvic pain wey konk; and
  • make you still dey feel like say you get belle (make e be like say you wan vomit, make breast soft, etc.). [1]

[1] “Clinical updates in reproductive health.” Ipas, 2020, www.ipas.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/ClinicalUpdatesInReproductiveHealthCURHE20-English-digital.pdf. Accesed November 2020.


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