Privacy Policy

1. Background

The website and the counselling service wey follow am join body (“the Website”) dey free of charge women wey dey reason say dem wan commot belle with medicine.

The Company value and sabi say the privacy of people wey dey visit our website dey important and we dey only collect information wey go help you as e take concern your right and our obligation under the law of the company, the Website and the Counselling Services.

Dis policy concern any and all the information wey we collect as you dey use our website. Abeg, read this Privacy Policy well well and make sure say you know wetin e dey talk. As you accept Our Privacy Policy, e don mean say na the first time wey you go use Our Website. If you no accept and agree with this Privacy Policy, you beta stop to use Our Website sharp sharp.

Dis Privacy Policy jell with the standard wey European Union General Data Protection Regulations don lay down, as e take concern information protection law about health and other important personal information inside the republic of India etc.

The thing wey we no talk here go get meaning wey we give dem inside the Terms of Service.

2. Dis policy cover

Dis Privacy Policy only concern wen you use Our Website and your personal information wey we collect, save and process. E no cover any website wey gum body with Our Website (whether na we put the link or whether na other people wey use Our Website na im put am there). We no get control over how other website take collect, save or use your information and we go advise say make you check the privacy policy of those website before you give dem your information.

3. Information Wey We Collect

Our Website go collect some information automatically, we go only collect other information if you give us and agree say make we use am for the online chat and for counselling with the counsellors, medicine people and doctors wey we choose.

We dey try reduce the information wey we dey collect so dat nobody go know you during our conselling service. Although our Online Live Chat session go automatically no go let anbody sabi you, our counselling service na on top email and we go need to collect and save your email-address and any information wey you give us by yourself.

E depend on how you take use Our Website, we fit collect some or all dis information:

na the information wey we fit collect automatically

  1. IP address (we go collect am automatically)
  2. Web browser type and the version (we go collect am automatically)
  3. Operating system (we go collect am automatically)
  4. The list of URLs of the website wey carry come Our Website, wetin you do on top Our Website (we go collect am automatically)

From our “Online chat & counselling service”, we go collect dis information

– Which personal information we go ask for?

  1. Name, Email and Contact Information only if you need extra counselling
  2. Medical History
  3. Vital Records
  4. Country, State, City and Age (e still dey come)

– Why we want your personal information?

  • To give you online counselling service or to help you as law take talk.

– Shey you fit talk say you no wan do again?

4. How We Take Use Your Information?

1. We reduce how we dey take collect information wey fit let person sabi you like name, email-address, contact information etc. If we collect dat kain personal information, na to only use am to contact you for follow-up Counselling, to collect feedback about Our services or to give you follow-up information about your Counselling. We no dey share your information with anybody wey no be our Counsellors, doctors and medicine people and people wey dey help us give you Counselling and dat na only if we need to share the information so dat we go give you Counselling. We no go use your personal information like name, email-address or contact information to sell any market give you even our own Services sef.

2. All the information wey you give us or wey we collect for your hand, e dey safe and we hold am well well like the normal level wey the law don talk before for up. As we dey save your information, we dey make sure say we dey commot anything inside the information wey go let people sabi you, so dat your health information or the chats or emails dey different from where we safe your name, your email or any other information wey fit let person sabi say na you. We go use your information take give you ogbonge service. All dis one sef follow join:

  1. We go give and control your access on top Our Website
  2. We go give you the kain experience wey you need on top Our Website
  3. We go give you counselling services
  4. We go answer any message wey you send us
  5. We go understand how you take dey use Our Website [and collect information] wey go help us to dey make Our Website beta for you to dey use

3. If you agree and by law, we fit collect your information to take do research and we fit send you email. We go also make sure say we protect your right and do everything. Laws and regulations wey concern dis matter as we dey do so. If, we go use your information to take do research, we go use am in a way wey no go let anybody sabi you, e go be like number and nobody go fit use dis information trace you with the medical information and other information wey you give us by yourself.

4. We go make sure say all your information wey we collect, we go use am well, no magomago go dey, and we no go let am affect your right. We go only use your information if at least one of dis matter dey sure:

  1. You talk say make we use am for one or many reasons;
  2. We go use your personal information as law take talk;
  3. We go use your personal information to take protect your interest or to protect the interest of anoda person;

5. How and Where We Go keep Your Information?

1. As e dey so, we go keep all the information wey you give us, the information wey we collect like the recording of the Online Counselling wey we do with you for the live chat or on top email unless you use your hand tell us say make we delete am. As e dey go, we go save dis record so dat nobody go fit use your health information and chat take sabi you on a personal level. On top dat one, every year, we go decide whether we wan keep your information. We go delete your information if we see say we no need am as our Policy take talk. Unto dat level, we fit need to save your information if we need am like law take talk.

2. We fit save or transfer some or all of your information go outside the European Economic Area (“the EEA”) (The EEA be all EU member states, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein follow join sef). We believe say you don agree when you use Our website and give us your information. If we save or transfer your information go outside the EEA, we go make sure say we treat your information well and keep am safe as e go dey inside the EEA and under the GDPR. Wetin we go do fit be, but e no go be only, to use contract hold us and the person wey we dey follow deal. To make sure everything dey safe we go use:

  1. We go transfer your information with SSL encrypted protocol,
  2. We go save your information inside encrypted SSLlabs A/A+ rated TLS transport servers wey dey Canada

3. If e need, under the law wey concen us, we go save the copy of your personal information on top the server wey dey your local area.

4. Unto dat level, even though say we dey take serious security measure, e go dey important make you sef remember say wen person dey send information online, e no dey dey completely safe, and make you sef make sure say when you dey send us your information, you send am safely.

6. Shey We Dey Share Your Information?

  1. We fit share your personal information with our head company and the other pikin companies wey join body with our head company as long as e follow dis Privacy Policy. We fit share your personal information any which of dis way: (i) We go share your information to give you Counselling or (ii) We go share your information for research; if na so we no go let anybody know say na you get the information.
  2. We fit use anoda people take give you service wey make sense. We fit use search engine facilities, Google analytics, advertising and marketing, survey, online chat tool and other things. For some case, the other people wey we go use fit need some or all your information. If dem go need your information, we go first ask you and make sure say dem handle your information as your right and the law take talk. Na dis people we dey use now:
Dia Name: Reason: Information wey we share:
Google Analytics To get information about the effect and the people Google get e own page wit dis information:
Zendesk To give counselling as e dey hot Your Email, Name and all the message between the user and the counselor
  1. We fit gather information about how people dey use Our Website, like how many people use am, how dem take use am and other information. Nobody fit know the people wey get the information. We fit sometimes dey share the information with other people. We go only share the information according to the law.
  2. For some case we fit need to share your information we dey with us according to law and your personal information go follow join, like if we dey court, the law or government fit order us to share your information with dem. We no go need to get your permission if that na the case because na law talk am.

7. Security

We dey use ogbonge tech and security to make sure say user personal information dey safe. People wey dey work for us dey do everything to protect your personal information.

Anybody wey dey work for us like our counsellors and doctors go fit see your personal information and dem don swear say dem no go share your personal information wit anoda person. We no dey just give anybody wey dey work for us your personal information, unless dem need am and dem don swear say dem no go share am wit anoda person.

8. How You Fit Control Your Information?

Wen you submit information on top Our Website, we go give you different option wey no go allow us use your information anyhow. Na you be oga and na you go talk how you want make we use your information.

9. You Get the Right to Talk Say You no Wan Give us Your Information

You fit use some part of Our Website and you no go need to give us any information at all. As e go be, if you wan use all Our Website, you go need to give us some or allow us collect some kain information for your hand.

You fit tell us say you no wan do again and make we no use your information any time wey you like. Just contact us wit our information and we go delete your information from Our system. Just know say wen you done do dis one, e no go let use give you ogbonge Counselling service

10. How You Fit See Your Information?

You get the right to talk say you wan see the kain personal information wey we get about you. Abeg, contact us on top to sabi more.

11. Shey we dey use Cookies?

Our Website no dey see Cookies on top your computer or device. To make sure say you dey safe and private, we no wan use Cookies so that we go protect and respect you every time.

But Our Website dey use analytics services wey Google Analytics dey use to take collect and check how many people dey use Our Website, so dat we go fit sabi how people dey take use Our Website. Dis information no go against your privacy or e no mean say you no go fit dey safe on top Our Website wen you dey use am, e just mean say we go use the information dey make Our Website beta for you to dey use.

12. Website wey join body to our own

Dis Website fit get the link of other websites wey join body with am. Abeg, just know say no be our fault if those website no keep your information private. We dey let people sabi say dem need to read the privacy statement of those website wey dey collect dia personal information. No be anyhow website we dey let join body with our own, dis Privacy notice na for information wey we collect only on top our own Website.

13. Wen You Wan Contact Us

If you get any questions about Our Website or dis Privacy Policy, abeg, contact us on top email Abeg, make sure say wetin you dey ask us about dey clear especially if you wan ask about the kain information wey we get about you.

14. Our Privacy Policy fit Change

We fit change dis Privacy Policy as we need to from time to time, or as law take talk. We go post anything wey we change on top Our Website and we go believe say you don accept dis Privacy Policy wen you first use Our Website after we don change some things. Make sure say you dey check dis page every time so that you go know if something don change.

You go agree say e fit no dey possible for us to give you notice about any change make for our Privacy Policy, sake of say we no go let anybody sabi you with the information wey we get about you. But in case we change our Privacy Policy and if e go affect how we dey take use and save your personal information, we go let you know so dat you fit decide whether you want make we delete your information before we change our Privacy Policy.