How to find abortion medicine for your area

Find Abortion Medicine

Plenti way dey wey you fit take get abortion medicine depending on de country wey you dey. if you tell us de country wey you dey, maybe we fit tell you how to get abortion medicine and how to do safe abortion. Contact us so we go fit explain how to get safe abortion.

If you plan to look for abortion medicine for your area, e get some things wey we go like make you sabi.

Sometimes, to find medicine for your area fit hard and you no fit know whether dem be original or fake. And dem go cost wella. As you dey read go, you go see wetin fit help you wen you dey look for abortion medicine.

To find Mifepristone for your area

If you dey try to find Mifepristone for your area, e go hard o. Dem dey us Mifepristone for abortion or miscarriage and e no dey registered for many countries especially where dem no gree make person do abortion wey dey safe. So, e go hard to find even inside pharmacy. [1]

Wetin dis wan mean be say, you go see Mifepristone for black market and e fit be fake.

No way dey for us or for you to know if de medicine na original if you just look am. Dis na because e dey yafunyafun for different type, size and colour. De only way to know for sure if de Mifepristone still dey inside im original package. If na so, check de date wey e go expire. [2]

If you find Mifepristone, remember say na doctor go tell you to by am before you buy am and you go only need 1 medicine wey be 200 mg to complete de abortion. [3]

Sometimes, de dosage (mg) of medicine wey you go find fit dey different, so you go need to calculate again de number of medicine wey you need to take. For example, if you only find medicine of:

– 10 mg, you go need 20 medicine to reach de proper dose of 200 mg.

– 50 mg, you go need 4 medicine to reach de proper dose of 200 mg.

– 100 mg, you go need 2 medicine to reach de proper dose of 200 mg.

– etcy

To find Misoprostol for your area

Misoprostol dey easy to find for your area, e dey registered for many countries for stomach ulcers, to cause labour, or to treat postpartum hemorrhages. For some country you fit get am for pharmacy, you no need make doctor tell you before you buy am. [4]

Misoprostol get plenti type. Sometimes you go find de medicine under any of dis name: Cytotec, Cyprostol, Misotrol, Prostokos, Vagiprost, Misotac, Mizoprotol, Misofar, Isovent, Kontrac, Cytopan, Noprostol, Gastrul, Chromalux, Asotec, Cyrux, Cytil, Misoprolen, Mibetec, Cytomis, Miclofenac, Misoclo, Misofen, Misogon, Alsoben, Misel, Sintec, Gastrotec, Cystol, Gastec, Cirotec, Gistol, Misoplus, Zitotec, Prestakind, Misoprost, Cytolog, GMisoprostol, Mirolut, Gymiso, Oxaprost

Doctor fit tell you to use anoda medicine wey you go take join Misoprostol with Diclofenac, as long as de dosage of Misoprostol be 200mg. Dis medicine dey come under names like Oxaprost, Oxaprost 75, and Arthrotec. To get more informate about how to use am, see de question wey people dey always ask and Contact us if you need us.

If you go use only Misoprostol take commot belle, you go need 8-12 medicine total. E depend on how long de belle don dey. E betta make you get 12 medicine.

E always dey betta to find medicine wey dey dia original package, but if e no dey possible, make sure say you check de medicine. Touch dem to dey sure say dem no dey soft and check if dem be de same. Also check de date wey e go expire.

Before you look for abortion medicine for your area, abeg, read and sabi de laws as e take concern abortion. Listen to wetin de doctor wey sabi dis kain matter go tell you before you buy and use de abortion medicine. You no go hold Safe2choose as person wey cause make you break de law.

For de list of healthcare people and abortion clinic wey we collate for your area, contact us. Abeg calm down, shine your eyes before you choose healthcare person or clinic. We provide dis informate for you and we neva go check whether na true. You no go blame us if de informate no dey correct.

Instruction on how to use de medicine

Wen you dey find medicine from different area, whether na for black market, for pharmacy or for doctor hand, you fit dey get different informate left right and center wey go confuse you about how to use de medicine.

Many people wey dey sell de medicine no get correct training and dem no get de correct informate about how to use abortion medicine. Some of dem just dey sell abortion medicine to make money, no be to support women. Before you use de abortion medicine, you fit check to know if you dey follow de correct instruction. Check our online package as e take concern wetin to do wen you wan do abortion with afẹ́fẹ́ lóri sísẹ́ oyún pelu Mifepristone and Misoprostol or wit only Misoprostol or you fit write to our counselors for Contact us.

Pharmacy and doctor fit also give you informate wey no be true about how to use abortion medicine. Since wey people not dey gree make people do abortion, many people no like am for many areas, so, people fit just dey talk anyhow, dey give fake yarn and give informate wey no be true even among healthcare people sef.

E betta if you follow instruction wey sure, and wey people wey sabi don read wella and international health organization kon approve. If you don read plenti different informate, contact us so dat we go clear your doubt sharp sharp and give you informate wey sure. [5]

Remember safe2choose dey here to support you

We train our counselors to dey support women’s right and to help dem with informate about abortion with medicine and with de correct instruction on how to use dem. We dey always follow de World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines If e dey necessary, we go send you to organizations wey sure, we fit help you get abortion medicine or find information for area about am. [3]

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