Guide to a Safe Manual Vacuum Aspiration Abortion

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Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) or Electric vacuum aspiration (EVA) be ways wey person fit take do abortion for clinic wey dem dey use comot belle wey don dey up to 14 weeks for MVA but wey never pass 15 weeks for EVA. Dis informate go tell una about how dis abortion dey take go

Wetin be Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA)?

Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) dey very safe to commot belle wey still dey first trimester, and/or early second trimester till like 14 weeks sef [1]. How long de belle don reach for person to do dis sugery dey de clinic or de healthcare person hand.

Na person wey dem train go fit do MVA and na inside clinic de go do am.

During de surgery, de healthcare person go use instrument like silent suction device take commot de belle from de uterus [2]. Most of de time, dem dey use local anesthesia do am and de woman go dey awake. E dey take between 5 and 10 minutes. De woman go feel pain for her belle and she go see blood on and off for some days or weeks after.

Although dem dey call am MVA, Manual Vacuum Aspiration, but dem fit also call am abortion for clinic, aspiration abortion, suction abortion, or vacuum aspiration. [1]

Wetin be Electric Vacuum Aspiration (EVA) abortion?

Electric Vacuum Aspiration (EVA) dey very safe and dey look like Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) to commot belle wey still dey first trimester, and/or early second trimester. Na person wey dem train go fit do EVA.

During de surgery, de healthcare person go use instrument like vacuum suction device take commot de belle from de uterus.

De difference wey dey between EVA and MVA na say light na im dem go use commot de belle. Because EVA need light, e fit no dey available for places were dem no get plenti things. Where e dey available, de healthcare person fit use EVA if de belle don pass 10-12 weeks because he go let de healthcare person do am sharp sharp pass de MVA and de time wey dem take do am go short well well. Anoda difference between EVA and MVA na de noise wey de machine dey make. EVA machine dey make noise because say e dey use light. [2]

Wetin dey happen wen dem dey do Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) abortion?

1/ De medicine before dem do am

The World Health Organization (WHO) advise say make dem give person antibiotics before dem do Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) and Electric Vacuum Aspiration. Dis go help de person no carry infection. [1]

But if antibiotics no dey, dem fit still do de MVA. De clinic fit choose to give de person medicine wey go help wit de belle pain like ibuprofen. [2]

2/ To prepare for de Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) Abortion


Wen person dey go clinic for Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) or an electric aspiration Abortion, you gas do something to help you prepare (no be only dis one wey we talk here o) [2]:

  1. Urine pregnancy test
  2. To know person Rh blood type
  3. Ultrasound to know how long de belle don dey
  4. Pelvic exam

Blood pressure measurement Dem go do some extra tests, but e depend on de law wey dey where de person dey live.

3/ Wen dem dey do Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) Abortion

Step 1. Dem go start de Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) or the electric vacuum aspiration Abortion wit pelvic or speculum exam.

Step 2. Dem go kon shuk de person local anesthesia for de cervix side.

Step 3. De person wey dey do de surgery go kon begin dilate de cervix, and as dem go take do dis one go depend on how long de belle don dey.

Step 4. Once dem don do de dilation as dem wan do am reach, de healthcare person go kon use silent, suction device wey dem dey hold for hand, dem call am Ipas to take do aspiration and commot de belle.

Step 5. After de belle don commot de healthcare person fit choose to do ultrasound, and den, de woman go kon rest. [2]

steps vacuum aspiration abortion

4/ After wey dem don do de Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) Abortion

De recovery time for manual vacuum aspiration abortion (MVA) or the electric vacuum aspiration abortion (EVA) dey very short for inside de clinic.

  • For women who dem give only local anesthetic, de recovery time na usually less dan 30 minutes.
  • For women wey dem give sedation medicine, de recovery time dey longer (30-60 minutes), so dat de sedation go commot for dia bodi.

Once de recovery for inside de clinic don finish, dem go tell de woman say make she dey go house. Some clinic go say make person escort de woman go house, but e depend on de clinic.[2]

5/ De care after dem do de Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) Abortion

After abortion for clinic, dem dey tell women make dem come back so dat dem go check say everything dey kampe. Although you no need to go, make each woman listen to de advice of her healthcare person.

No medical evidence talk say you fit wait so so so time before you nack, baff, exercise, or use dat pad wey dem dey shuk inside toto. Dem advise say make you hold bodi until de blood stop and den make de woman no put anything inside her toto like de pad wey dem dey shuk inside toto, menstrual cup No do serious work wey dem dey use muscle do. Each woman go fit go back to dey do her every every as her bodi gree her and each person go dey different.

Before person go commot for clinic, make dem tell de woman wetin she go use so anoda belle no go enter. You fit start de contraception as e dey hot, but, make de woman sidon yarn with her healthcare person so dat dem go know de method wey she like pass. Make clinic give den woman informate about who to call, chat or send email in case she get concern or question after de abortion. [2]

To find de package/medicine wey no go let belle enter go

de equipment wey dem dey use for MVA?

Wen dem wan do Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA), dem go use one equipment wey dem dey hold for hand, e name na Ipas. Ipas no dey make noise at all, na device wey dem dey take suck de belle commot. [2] You fit see more informate about de Ipas device for here.

Ipas equipment manual vacuum aspiration abortion mva

De equipment wey dem dey use for Electric vacuum aspiration (EVA)

Electric vacuum aspiration (EVA) dey use one kain machine wey dey suck the belle comot if dem attach am to one tube kon put am for womb. The machine dey make one kain noise like that.

De wahala wey common pass for vacuum aspiration abortions

De most common pain wey person fit feel wen dem dey do vacuum aspiration abortion na de belle pain. Although de belle pain suppose stop sharparly after de surgical abortion, but some women fit still dey feel de pain off and on for some days even weeks sef. Dem fit manage dis wahala wit NSAID medicine like ibuprofen.

Dem dey always use local anesthesia to commot pain around de cervix area wen dem dey do vacuum aspiration abortions. [1]

Many women go see blood and belle go dey pain dem wen dem dey do dey use vacuum aspiration to comot belle for and after dem don finish am. Dis things go stop small small as day dey pass.

E dey very common to dey feel different things wen person don finish abortion for clinic. If de woman feel like say she need extra help, make she go for counseling. [1]

De gbege wey fit happen wen person comot belle with vacuum aspiration

Even though vacuum aspiration abortion dey safe, e still get some gbege wey fit happen, and dem be: plenti blood go dey come out, infection, wound for de uterus and other organs wey dey around am, make abortion no complete, make de belle no commot finish.

Dis kain gbege no dey common if na person wey dem train for dis kain matter na im do am, but e dey important to know wetin you dey carry your head enter wen you wan do am.

abortion wey dem do with vacuum aspiration dey do well without any gbege no dey lead to infertility. [1]

After person don comot belle with vacuum aspiration MVA, e get some things wey de person suppose monitor and go clinic just in case [2]:

  • Plenti blood (you use two pads soak inside 2 hours or more)
  • Your bodi dey hot like oven (38 degrees Celsius or 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) for more dan 24 hours after dem don do am
  • De pain around your pelvis, no be for here o
  • You dey feel like say you still get belle (dey feel like you wan vomit, make breast soft etc)

For more informate

Contact any of our counselors to get ogbonge informate about abortion for clinic like MVA and EVA method and to get support on top de abortion wey go make sense for you pass. You fit also sabi about other methods wey dey, like abortion with medicine if your bell neva reach 13 weeks.

Who write am:

by safe2choose team and de experts wey dey support us for carafem, on top de 2019 recommendation by Ipas and de 2012 recommendations by WHO.

carafem dey give easy and professional abortion care and family planning so dat people fit control de number and space dia children.

Ipas na de only international organization wey tanda on top de matter as e take concern make people fit get access to safe abortion and contraceptive care.

WHO na agency of the UNO wey dey responsible for international public health.

[1] World Health Organization (WHO). Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems, second edition. 2012. Retrieved from:;jsessionid=F77B761669FC579124C1E9CA2CC3CFDB?sequence=1

[2] Ipas. Clinical Updates in Reproductive Health. 2019. Retrieved from:

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